Abraham Dies, Genesis 25:1-18

Altogether, Abraham lived a hundred and seventy-five years. Then Abraham breathed his last and died at a good old age, an old man and full of years; and he was gathered to his people.” –Genesis 25:7-8

These verses imply that Abraham experienced great satisfaction in his life. Before passing away, he leaves his legacy with his family.

God’s promises would not be forgotten.

You may read Genesis 25:1-18 here: Bible Gateway.

Abraham married Keturah after Sarah died. Several Far East tribes originated from their six sons. All of Abraham’s sons were blessed with many gifts. However, Isaac—his legal firstborn—received all that he owns: authority and property.

Verse 11 relays God’s blessing upon Isaac, who dwells in Beer-Lahai-Roi: “well of the living One who sees me.” This is where Isaac came to meditate while waiting for his bride Rebekah (24:62), and would later pray for his barren wife (25:21). Ironically, this is also the place where God delivered Hagar (16:14).

Herod’s stonework on Tombs of the Patriarchs (Seetheholyland.net) "In the Old Testament, those who have already died are regarded as still existing. The event of being “gathered to one’s people” is always distinguished from the act of burial, which is described separately (35:29; 49:29, 31, 33). In many cases, only one ancestor was in the tomb (1 Kings 11:43; 22:40), or there were none at all (Deuteronomy 31:16; 1 Kings 2:10; 16:28; 2 Kings 21:18), so the idea of being gathered to one’s people or joining one’s ancestors does not mean being laid in the family sepulcher." -Layman’s Bible Commentary

Herod’s stonework on Tombs of the Patriarchs (Seetheholyland.net)

Abraham is buried in the same field he bought from Ephron the Hittite for his wife Sarah. This once again affirms his belief that God would grant the land He promised his descendants.

Ishmael’s Descendants

Verses 12-18 sandwich Ishmael’s descendants between major references to Abraham (11:27-25:11), Jacob (25:19-35:29), and Joseph (37:2-50:20). God’s pronouncements concerning Ishmeal’s descendants are fulfilled here: twelve princes would be born of Ishmael; they will live in hostility toward their brothers (17:12; 16:12).


We can learn a lot from Abraham’s life. (He is also mentioned in Exodus 2:24; Acts 7:2-8; Romans 4; Galatians 3; Hebrews 2, 6, 7, 11.) Abraham’s faith pleased God “and He [God] credited it to him as righteousness (Gen. 15:6). God also desires that we place our trust and dependence in Him, not faith in our efforts to please Him.

I wonder if Abraham realized the long-term magnitude of his decisions: whether he would cling to God’s promises or push them aside. His obedience of journeying to an unknown land—leaving behind security—affected the history of the world.

God’s promise of blessing the world through Abraham was fulfilled when Jesus Christ came to earth as Abraham’s descendant, through the nation Israel.

It’s easy to push through the day without thinking through the long-term results of our decisions. But our choices not only affect our future, but also the future of our children, churches, nation, and possibly people worldwide.

How often do we seek God’s guidance in prayer? He promises wisdom to those who don’t doubt (James 1:5-8).

Let’s make the most of our time here. Let’s seek God’s guidance and ask for the courage to act!

Have a wonderful week!

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