Why We Need Advent

Ten Old Testament Prophecies fulfilled by Jesus’ birth as recorded in the New Testament.

Don’t celebrate Christmas too early. Before unleashing the joyful revelry of the holiday, enter a season that readies your heart for the celebration. . . . Wake up on Christmas morning with a hard-fought hope grown out of a rich season of spiritual preparation. That’s what Advent is all about.” -Scott James

Scott James is the author of the Advent devotional book, The Expected One, and The Littlest Watchman, an Advent book for children. Scott reminds us that it is important to prepare our hearts for the Christmas celebration. Advent also reminds us of the people of God awaiting the promised Messiah and “helps us hone those same sentiments as we await his second coming.”

You may read Scott’s post here: Why We Need Advent. Blessings!





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